2019 UPDATE: "Just realized I put literally 10 years focused on web scraping....time flies :o. Hope it's of some use. Cheers!" - J. Kim., CEO of AutomateTheWeb Inc.

ORIGINALL WRITTEN AROUND: Dec 17th, 2011....oh I am old....LOL:

On February 2009, the founder of Scrape.it started it’s humble roots in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At first, there was frustration experienced from existing solutions such as writing the code yourself and bloated and complicated screen scraping software with poor flexibility to ever changing data extraction requirements. What began as a simple idea, quickly led to a full time research and development for the next 2 years and 10 months.

How does one dedicate so many hours and time to a single endeavour? The desire to do better than the status quo. The passion to create a simple web scraping software to allow non-programmers to extract data from the web with ease was the main driving force.

Within this period, the founder has gained insight into the web data extraction problems that many individuals to companies experience by working with them on various data extraction projects. Scrape.it embodies and builds on those experiences at it’s core.

Today Scrape.it is confident to serve everyone from small to big businesses, research companies, governments, and academic institutions for their web data extraction needs.

The free version of Scrape.it lets anyone experience how deliciously simple it is to begin extracting data very quickly. Scrape.it also provides licensing and support for higher data extraction requirements.