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No programming needed. Generate Web Scraping Language (WSL) with a Point-Click tool and save time and pain coding custom scripts.

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No Programming.

Generate WSL with a guided Point-Click interface. You do not have to worry about WSL. Express any web scrape in a sentence.

Browser Automation

Our army of robot servers with unique IPs run your WSL with Chrome Browser. Automates almost any website including legacy javascript applications with url that never changes.

No Infrastructure to Build.

No Servers or databases to maintain. Everything from your web crawls, data is stored online. Easily access it from any Chrome browser with the extension.

How do i get started?

Register a new Account and choose a plan to begin free 30 day trial. Install tool from the Chrome Extension Store. Activate by pressing Control + Shift + I or right clicking any web page --> Inspect --> Scrape.it tab in panel. Login.


How long is the trial?

30 days.

How fast is a worker?

Depends on website but expect 2~4 page crawls per minute

What does parallel job mean?

How many separate jobs you can run at same time.

What does workers per job mean?

Its the maximum number of crawls attached to a job.

What is the maximum crawl capacity?

Multiply the parallel jobs by workers per job. Ex) 3 x 3 = 9 crawlers

What does unmetered mean?

It means you can extract as much data within the capacity provided.

What is your refund policy?

You have 30 days to evaluate, no refunds once you are billed. You must email to cancel before next billing date.

Can I get some help?

Ask your questions on stackoverflow or email support@scrape.it or tweet @ScrapeIt


Small - $19.99/month

30 day trial

3 Parallel Jobs

3 Workers Per Job


Medium - $49.99/month

30 day trial

6 Parallel Jobs

6 Workers Per Job


Large - $199.99/month

30 day trial

20 Parallel Jobs

15 Workers Per Job


email: support@scrape.it | twitter: @ScrapeIt | stackoverflow: srsu
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