Extract web data without programming.

Render AJAX

Scrape javascript pages with REAL chrome browsers in the cloud.

No Coding

Simple point-click to extract data generates scraper!

Zero Risk

14 days to cancel and get full refund, no questions asked.

Lead-gen on Steroids

Watch how RecruitingTools.com pulls hundreds of job candidate information using Scrape.it Chrome Extension

Change Resilient Scrapers

Web scrapers relying on xpath or css selectors break when web designs change. Our new AI powered Computer Vision approach will not only reduce scraper maintenance costs and improve data accuracy.

Keeping it Easy & Simple For our Users

Our unique step-by-step dialogue based approach drastically lowers the learning curve typically involved with most web data extraction software in the industry.

on our Chrome Extension rated saying...

Sara Jordan. - Virginia Tech

"This is, by far, the easiest scraper to use and it comes with the best customer care possible. I need to grab heaps of data from clunky government web-pages for a large research project and John walked me through the process to get the data I needed in mere minutes. This would have taken me days of error prone hand work to do on my own (or to have a GA to do). If you have a web scraping need, these folks have the tools and the talent you need!"

Dr. Greg Smith - Maryland

"This company has made my life loads easier and made my information gathering processes as simple as can be. I seriously love their one on one support and professionalism with regard to adjusting to facilitate even a small business like ours."

Sarah W.

"Thanks so much for making these free resources available to us!"