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Enterprise Web Data Harvesting Tool

Harvest Data From Any Website. Point & Click. Zero Programming.

Build A Crawler In Minutes
Wizard tool lets you point-click-automate repetitive tasks including data extraction, log-in, use forms and crawl links. No coding.
Scalable & Reliable Crawling
Your crawler runs in parallel, randomly distributed to our network of robots with unique IP address. No more proxy hunting.
Easy to Maintain & Customizable
Edit crawlers in minutes using point-click wizard. Run custom logic on webpages. Flexible data extraction without complexity.

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HEAR WHAT SOME OF OUR USERS HAS TO SAY has made my life loads easier and made my information gathering processes as simple as can be. I seriously love their one on one support and professionalism.

Dr. Greg Smith, 75th Medical Group, MD

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By far, the easiest scraper to use. I needed to grab heaps of data from clunky government websites and began to extract the data I needed in mere minutes. This would have taken days of error prone hand work. “

Sara Jordan, A.P., Virginia Tech

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